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Or you could buy a 4K Blu-ray player and (gasp) 4K streaming services Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and You Tube have the biggest selection of 4K movies and TV shows.

A couple of less-popular services like Google Play Movies and TV, Sony's Ultra, Fandango Now and Ultra Flix4K offer additional options.

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– how recursive) on my way to the Tech Stars Boston 2010 Investor / Demo day.

Been after some trail shoes for a while but speaking to trail running shops they say that they might be a little hard for me given my rolling out issues. While I use Saucony Triumphs on the road most of the time, I have found them to be generally useless on the trails (no grip no side-to-side movement give, so you can roll your ankle if you don't land flat, which isn't too bad when you've rolled your ankle so many times that you're almost unsprainable).

I've run on the road in nike vomeros for 5 years and they have been great - just wondering if i just ude them on trails or look to nike terra kiger or wild horse 2. I was using the Salomon Speedcross for muddy trails, but hated them if I needed to run on roads, even for brief periods.

The same goes for HDR (high dynamic range), which in our tests makes bigger picture quality difference than 4K.

If you want your 4K fix right now, you'd better have a fast Internet connection and be a fan of original series on Netflix and Amazon.

Maybe wildhorse would be a better option for longer than 50k. Sole seems to be wearing a little quick, for really long and rocky runs my feet get a little beat up as there is little protection under foot, also fairly low drop 4mm someone might correct me. Interestingly enough picked up some Salomon XT S-lab on sale on a whim.

Don Dodge also has a great post up titled On the eve of the graduation of the Tech Stars Boston 2010 class, I thought I’d weigh in with some additional advice to anyone who either is or wants to be an angel investor.

Some of this repeats what Will and Don said, but I’ll try to be additive (and specific).

Here's why: Also, don't forget that Di GRA (the Digital Games Research Association) is holding its semi annual conference in Tampere, Finland (where all the very cool kids are).

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