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This ray was capable of passing through the heavy paper covering and exciting the phosphorescent materials in the room.

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Many people don't realise that trains on the Jubilee, Northern, Central and Victoria lines are fully automated.

One male member of the Tube’s Emergency Response Unit said leaving bodies in cupboards was very disrespectful.

He told Channel 4’s Confessions from the Underground: “As far as I understand it, London Ambulance services have limited resources and a few years back they stopped taking anybody who’s deceased into their ambulances back to hospitals.

“Sometimes there’s a delay, it might be half an hour, maybe even two hours and then we’re left with a body on the platform and disturbingly for us we have to find a place to put a body.

“Unfortunately, we had to use, at Stratford, a bin store outside in the car park, you know the big, massive, industrial bins.

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