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Caldwell says Iwema's employment status was unclear.

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CORINTH — A 51-year-old Corinth cook at the Alcorn County Regional Correctional Facility faces criminal charges after allegedly having sex with an inmate.

The Daily Corinthian reports Alcorn County Sheriff Ben Caldwell says the suspect is Susan Iwema, an employee of Texas-based CBM Food Services, the company which has the contract to provide meals for inmates.

Under National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, most football or men’s basketball players competing in a Division I program may transfer at will, but must sit out the first season at the new institution, while they "adjust to their new school and ensure that their transfer was motivated by academics as well as athletics." Jaborian “Tip” Mc Kenzie would normally be exempt from this rule because he transferred from a Football Bowl Subdivision program – Vanderbilt University – to one in the smaller Football Championship Subdivision, Alcorn State University. 16 court appearance (pushed forward from an original Sept.

However, it's unclear (on many levels, experts say) why Mc Kenzie was allowed to take the field for Alcorn State on Saturday: another NCAA bylaw states that any student who transfers while disqualified or suspended from his previous institution for disciplinary reasons must complete "one calendar year of residence" at the new college, during which he or she is not eligible for competition. 19 date), Mc Kenzie – "a transfer from Vanderbilt," a game recap on Alcorn State’s website says - “saw his first action” in a Braves jersey.

We believe that people of all backgrounds can find community within the simple tenets of our faith.

If there are any issues the ACLU of Mississippi remains committed to standing in defense of marriage equality across the state.Clerks across the state have started allowing same-sex couples to marry without waiting for further order from the courts.We hope that couples across the state will encounter no more roadblocks to equality.“Either subliminally or just straight-out, people are saying, ‘Oh, that’s not a big deal, football trumps that,’ and I think that that kind of attitude is in many respects the kind of thing that got Penn State where it got,” Lebowitz said.“If you accept the attitude that football trumps even the most socially unaccepted behavior – gang rape – then what does it say actually about your view on civil society and your place in it?

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