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In 1944 the program was revamped, and the distinctive uniform and advancement was established. At first, Explorer Scouts were not given their own distinct uniform.They wore the regular Boy Scout khaki uniform, but with a shirt strip that read "Explorer Scout, BSA", later "Explorer Scouts, BSA" in place of the regular "Boy Scouts of America" strip.Explorer Scouts first existed only within Boy Scout Troops, organized into Explorer Scout Patrols. It was only later on, probably around 1944 that the term "Post" was used for Explorer Scout units.Then, in September of 1949, with the change in Senior Scouts, Explorer Scouts became simply Explorers.The Explorer Scout program was built around the idea of advanced outdoor activities, going beyond what a 12/13 year Boy Scout could do.This concept is what inspired the advancement and uniform of this program.When it first started, it was unclear the direction of the program. Little data exists on early standalone units for Explorer Scouts.Initially, they didn't have a true advancement program or distinct uniform. For example, in National statistics for Senior Scouting, there are no membership listings for Explorer Scouts between 19!

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The uniform may also be worn while participating in an approved unit money-earning project if approved by the local council.My parents told me that I couldn’t be a Boy Scout but I could be a Girl Scout instead, which was basically the same thing.“If they’re the same thing,” I said, “why is one called the Boy Scouts and one called the Girl Scouts? The meetings were relaxed and the uniforms optional.My brother was a Boy Scout throughout his whole childhood as well, and when I compared my experience to his they didn’t seem that different to me, aside from the mandatory uniform that he donned dourly each week.In my mid-twenties, I drove sixteen hours to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low, in Savannah, Georgia.

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