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I've never screamed so hard in my life- check it out on my snap: 👻 officialshaym !Thx @fly_fijiairways & @nanukuresort for this awesome recommendation!😜👍🏽🌊 @fly_fijiairways A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on Had the best day ever with the guides at @kilaworld .Not only did they get me to zip line (my first time) but they also got me to do the giant swing 😑.Traditional Fijian society is based on communal principles derived from village life.People in villages share the obligations and rewards of community life and are still led by a hereditary chief.Prehistory Gallery Archaeology shows that Fiji was first colonized by people who used the distinctive and intricately decorated pottery known as ‘Lapita’, dated between 17 BC.This gallery leads us through the future migrations of people to the early 1900s and introduces us to Vitian life, including tribal warfare, cannibalism, and Ratu Finau – the last waqa drua (double-hulled ocean going canoe) made in Vulaga in 1913.

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Nemani looks at them and nods, almost as if he is greeting them with a 'hello', as he glides away from them.They work together in the preparation of feasts and in the making of gifts for presentation on various occasions; they fish together, later dividing the catch; and they all help in communal activities such as the building of homes and maintenance of pathways and the village green.The great advantage of this system is an extended family unit that allows no-one to go hungry, uncared for or unloved.History Gallery From western awareness of the Fiji Islands in 1643 to the arrival of bêche-de-mer, copra and sandalwood traders, 1800-1850, to the colonials and indentured labor, 1879-1920.See the infamous remains of the sole of Reverend Baker’s boot, the only non-Fijian Missionary known to have been killed and eaten; and the rudder of HMS Bounty – subject of the famous mutiny in 1789.

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