Designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom

We kept the original bungalow complete with its sweet front porch detailing, dark wood interior trim, original brick flue (uncovered during demolition), and archway.

After doubling the size of the old home with a modern addition, we complimented the cottage charm with a modern white palette, gold fixtures, Spanish tile, modern metal railings, new dark windows, pecan floating shelves, and gray oak floors. The new great room, kitchen, loft and master bedroom/ athroom enhance the vintage living room and dining room of the 1920's bungalow.

People wanted the nice home with the picket white fence and landscaped yard.

Of course, the 1980s was not the only decade during which people lived in modern-equipped homes with manicured lawns. Key Features of New and Nearly-New 1980s Homes A large number of the new and nearly-new homes that were purchased in this decade included at least one fireplace, as well as a dining room, two-stall garage, landscaped yard, and turnaround driveway.

Similarly, sun porches sometimes acted as breezeways.

The appealing design made the house SELL for well over any comparable property.

A 1920's bungalow in the incredible Holly neighborhood of East Austin, loved, restored, and enlarged!

Additionally, people who want to socialize would purchase a home (or have one built) that included a concrete patio, deck, or in-ground swimming pool.

The Rooms of a 1980s Home In all there were typically two to three bedrooms in each home built during this decade.

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