Error message error validating application type oauthexception

I certainly have (read it multiple times), but still can't figure out what the problem is. I posted an answer to my own question - see if this helps: Basically, I forgot to add it to the attr_accessible on the User model, and I also had to unchange the changes I made to the after_sign_in_path_for method that devise comes along with.And also, dont forget to create a migration to add the columns provider and uid to the user table.Drupal intentionally does not encode its own slashes in URLs, but Facebook requires it. Just installed and not able to get the connect button working on the site. Http requests outbound from the site definitely work.On a new installation of rails, devise and omniauth-facebook I get this error. do any have an idea what it is or experienced the same problem?thank you ERROR -- omniauth: (facebook) Authentication failure!Het lijstje dat ik via de zoekresultaten tegen kom is dan steevast: Met de eerste bedoelen ze neem ik aan dat mijn redirect_uri op het zelfde domein moet zijn als van waaruit ik de aanvraag doe. De app id had ik al gedubbelchecked en staat ook goed.De app secret lijkt mij nog niet van toepassing aangezien ik nog geen gebruiker gegevens aan het ophalen ben.

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Then add some authentication with the omniauth-facebook gem and top it off with a client-side authentication using the Java Script SDK.

I'm attending a conference this week but I'll get to it if I get the chance.

This patch should solve the problem by encoding slashes in the URL before it's sent to Facebook.

(fboauth.274 row) - logs type: fboauth - Facebook OAuth could not acquire an access token from Facebook. I think Facebook uses the https protocol on all its graph queries.

We queried the following URL: I've been running the module on a site using regular http protocol and it works fine.

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