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Most of those featured in the film are men, who make up about 94 percent of those detained on the island. No trans or gender-nonconforming people are included, or even mentioned, though Rikers does have a trans housing unit.

Once past the opening statistics, the 64-minute documentary pushes viewers into the dehumanizing, and often violent, daily realities of being locked away on the island-jail complex.

Midway through the first half, Carolyn Brussel lined up a free kick of her own 20 yards out and a hard left angle, but somehow drilled a left-footed shot past Liverpool goalie Megan Merrifield’s reach into the top right corner of the net to make it 2-0, where it still stood at halftime.

Less than eight minutes into the second half, a long run by Liverpool’s Bri Kovarik led to a cross to Carli Kovarik, who converted to cut B’ville’s lead in half.

My number one question would be, where would they put these jails?

I’m sure it wouldn’t be on the Upper East Side or Tottenville, S. Susan Watson Manhattan: I’m appalled that New York City does not have nurses who go into homes to administer medications for seniors other than SPOP (Service Program for Older People).

Instead, it was a Liverpool free kick that the Bees were able to defend and clear out.

Some of the churches date back to Bermuda’s settlement days in the early 1600s so churches definitely form a rich part of Bermuda’s history and that of Bermudians themselves.

There really does seem like a very large number of operating churches for the tiny population of around 65,000, so I thought I’d look into this some more and find out if Bermudians really do go to church (as the existence of so many churches might indicate).

The second encounter would feature no such handicap, though the departure of Lynsey Roth had hurt Liverpool’s depth.

Even in an 11-on-11 situation, though, the Bees bolted in front 1-0 before the game was five minutes hold as a mishandled corner kick got drilled into the net by Mackenzie Schaffner.

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