Lack of communication when dating

Look at all these areas to identify how your girlfriend is communicating affection that you may have missed.If she doesn't kiss you or whisper sweet nothings, does she cook, buy you underwear, or watch the ball game with you?Sometimes you know for sure when it’s time to break up. Here are 15 indicators that, yes, it’s time to move on and seek better prospects: Also read: What is Love? If several people sound the alarm about your relationship, it’s wise to at least take it seriously. The two of you differ on important aspects of life. Take note if the other person talks often about his ex, relives the glory days of past achievements, or is held back by old friends. If you and your partner struggle to have open, heartfelt communication, the relationship will surely suffer. Relationships fall apart when conflicts don’t get resolved. The more hobbies and activities you both enjoy, the stronger your relationship will be. You will feel stifled and suffocated if you cannot consistently express your true self. If it’s the latter for you, don’t ignore the annoyances. People have preferences for the way they give and receive affection, according to Dr.Gary Chapman, author of "The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts." He lists quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch as different modes of expressing love.It includes the use of visual cues such as body language (kinesics), distance (proxemics) and physical environments/appearance, of voice (paralanguage) and of touch (haptics).It can also include chronemics (the use of time) and oculesics (eye contact and the actions of looking while talking and listening, frequency of glances, patterns of fixation, pupil dilation, and blink rate).

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A couple of years ago, I spoke with a reader that was struggling to get over a six month ‘relationship’ where it had become apparent that he had a limited interest and was seeing other women.When we systematically accept things against our will, shut down to keep the peace and rationalize why that’s okay, we set ourselves up for resentment and anger down the line.Covering up our feelings and not trusting our partner to be mature enough to manage their response to "no" just won't work. Most of our communication is non-verbal, and when it's out of sync with our words, we are sending mixed messages.Nagging is a major culprit -- relentless reminders, suggestions and advice on how, when and why we should do things. How many times do you catch yourself saying "yes" when you really mean "no?But what are some of the other bad communication habits that erode away at relationships? " Do you say, "I don't know" for fear of being judged, dismissed or rejected?

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