Popular dating show in china Teensexpics

How did an English Language Assistant from the UK working in China suddenly find himself before an audience of millions?Robbie Stanley-Smith tells us what he discovered during his moment in the spotlight.Sometimes, the women would just want to take jabs at the poor guy’s ego.A Chinese dating website once released a survey result revealed that for many single Chinese people, love is no longer the only factor for marriage.In each episode, If You Are The One features several male candidates who are vying for a date among the 24 searchers.

Contestants usually get insults from the women, from his boring personality or his ridiculous outfit. You've got so many people looking at you and watching you and then you know that there are more people behind the camera who are going to watch it all around the world. BEN MCMAHON: I thought, you know, 'What a beautiful woman, um, with a beautiful soul." ...... BEN MCMAHON: In 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident and as a result I was in a coma for a week.Before I went on the show, I thought to myself, "I'm never going to be the girl who'll press that (inaudible) and, you know, that's just not what I do," and then I was the first girl to do it in the whole year! And from that moment onwards, my internal monologue had switched to Chinese, so all the different things that were going through my head were all in Chinese rather than English. Met with four partners, one more to go and it's via video conference tomorrow in the city. BEN MCMAHON: (Sings in Mandarin) Maybe eggs and bananas go really, really well together. (Laughs)FENG GUO: I mean, I just hope we don't end up as scrambled eggs and banana split. And if you want to watch If You're the One, you can do so on Sunday at 7.30 on SBS 2.PRESENTER (Speaking Mandarin): He just said his name, you blew up your light. And now, you know, so many years after the accident, my internal monologue, so that little voice that goes on in your head, kind of now has come back a little bit to English, but it's definitely a gloob-de-gloob of English and Chinese and I've got really no control over the way that I think. However, at this stage, I want to get some international experience. FATHER: Chinese people thinking something maybe totally wrong, if someone never heard before. I understand he don't understand what we're talking about.

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