Rene rene from aqua dating

They shot to fame after releasing Barbie Girl in 1997, which went to number one and stayed there for an impressive three weeks.

After huge nineties success, their second album Aquarius was released in 2000 but had little effect, charting at number 24 in the UK.

It’s not my bag I don’t think, but whatever turns them on.

They released greatest hits albums in the meantime, then had a little reunion in 2007 which was followed by the album Meglomania in 2011.

In total they sold 33 million albums and singles which made them the most successful Danish band ever. Fun fact for you – a lawsuit was brought against the band for Barbie Girl by the makers of the Barbie toy. They have two children and she still seems to be on the music scene.

AQUA is without a doubt the world's most famous Bubblegum dance act.

They were the first to make worldwide recognition, have sold the most albums, and are the most successful band ever in Denmark.

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