Things to do in halifax dating

You can wander among the fortifications and enjoy incredible views at this free National Historic Site.

3) Emera Oval – The Emera Oval on the Halifax North Common is a great choice if you’re looking for a free family activity.

I like to make food and eating out a large part of my experiences when I visit a new city.

Saving on sightseeing and activities lets me keep more money for eating!

In fact, three cemeteries throughout Halifax feature rows of black granite headstones, each inscribed with the same date: April 15, 1912.

To orient yourself and learn a bit about Halifax’s history and landmarks, take a Halifax Free Tour (donations only).

Home to the second-largest natural harbor in the world, it draws a major share of Canada's container trade and oodles of cruise ship visits in the late summer and early fall.

A few streets inland, there are many sights to take in, and while gorgeous coastal scenery begins just outside the city limits, especially during the spectacular autumn foliage displays, the waterfront is also a delight to explore.

It's this rich culture that has boosted the Canada and New England region's cruise popularity.

This past month I had the chance to visit Halifax, capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, where I found the food to be surprisingly varied and abundant.

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