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You may also see Pinterest-worthy "nailed it" posts, book reviews, movie commentary, and maybe occasionally something serious. I like buying marked down, nearly expired meat and freezing it.

Probably mostly we'll talk about our kids and random crap that happens during the day. I shop based on sales and modify plans if I find flash sales.

Big data is characterized by its "Vs": Volume, Variety and Velocity.

Data volume is “big” if it is too large to reside on or be processed with a personal computer.

Did you know that even in the pre-computer era, weather data was the original big data use case?

It’s most useful when we have a lot of it and we need the data in real-time.

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RDA manager, Steve Worley, and former intern, Sophie Hou, speak about the history of the RDA and scientific data in general in this video.

The NCAR RDA is proud to have contributed to this issue.

RDA Data Specialist, Grace Peng, wrote Big Data, Big Planet We’re experiencing a big data explosion both in cultural awareness and in penetration into many aspects of everyday life. What role do weather and climate play in our data moment?

I've been trying to incorporate more beans because they're a cheap protein.

Giant bags of dried beans are dirt cheap in the Indo foods aisle of the grocery store. Optional: take the chicken and veg out and broil it for five minutes (I did this). /person not including leftovers isn't too shabby, but the pork stirfry with ramen cost me about for the entire meal because it was made with a small amount of leftover pork and pork is cheaper than chicken.

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