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Once I got KDE4 back (as well as my old familiar desktop selector menu at login), I discovered that my Apper widget was missing from my panel.

Since the Wagon method is less tested than the command line update, we will use the command line method here for both servers and desktops.

SPI, for the uninitiated, serves as the steward to many open-source projects from Arch Linux to the X. Rapid Photo Downloader, the open-source software for Linux which its developer claims is "the Linux desktop's best photo and video downloader/importer", is out with a new release after two and a half years in development.For as little as USD per month, you can help support our site while the funds generated allow us to keep doing Linux hardware reviews, performance benchmarking, maintain our community forums, and much more. PHP 7.2 Beta 1 was released yesterday as the next step towards this next refinement to PHP7 that is expected to be officially released in November.I couldn't help but to run some initial benchmarks.Before we do the distribution upgrade, we install the latest updates for Open SUSE 11.4.Open a terminal/command line window and run zypper repos --uri to check what repositories are used and enabled on the system.

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