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Then, you’ll want to review the dependencies listed in the QIIME full install instructions, and add or upgrade any packages whose dependency versions have changed.If you have QIIME installed on a Linux machine, the easiest way to upgrade is by using the qiime-deploy tool.If you need to create a virtual machine that you can move to a Hyper-V Host that runs an older version of Windows, use the New-VM cmdlet with the -version parameter.For example, to create a virtual machine that you can move to a Hyper-V host that runs Windows Server 2012 R2 , run the following command.

However, there are some compatibility issues between v16 and v12-15 to keep in mind. Please review MIT's policies about storage of data on the Security Team's Info Protect web pages.

Users simply upgrade their client to File Maker Pro 16, and for hosted databases, the server is upgraded to File Maker Server 16.

There are, however, a few compatibility issues to be aware of.

Copy only the custom Machine and Control Definitions from the “C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\shared Mcamx9\CNC_MACHINES” folder to the X9 folder you created on the desktop.

File Maker 16 is the current recommended version of the File Maker platform at MIT, and we encourage anyone running File Maker Pro and (if applicable) File Maker Server to upgrade to the latest version.

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