Who is alan carr dating

Quizzed on whether he and his longtime partner Paul Drayton had considered fatherhood, the funnyman replied: ‘Oh give over.

I’m up for same-sex partners having children, but it still shocks me when it happens.’ However, the 37-year-old comedian insists he is not a homophobe, despite what fashion designer Tom Ford may think. I didn’t know he had children and it all came out a bit wrong. ’ And it would seem a wedding isn’t on the cards just yet for Alan, either.

At one point, he joked: "No one's mentioned it don't worry.

Do you think Chechnya will be addressed on the night of the British LGBT Awards?

“My life is a roller coaster, like Ronan Keating says.

“It’s really nice.” And he teased there could be a very special performance by Adele.

He explained: ‘I was at a party when I bumped into Tom Ford with his kid. He continued: ‘I was at a gay wedding in Mykonos over the summer and it was such a wonderful occasion that I thought, “Oooh maybe,” for the first time.

‘I could’ve easily got swept away in the moment, but then I thought I shouldn’t do it just because it’s a good excuse for a party.

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