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Bale actually was originally offered the lead role, but had to decline due to a scheduling commitment, so Cooper took over the lead role.Scheduling conflicts were later resolved, allowing Bale to retake the lead role. K.’s character told during the movie was improvised on the set.This is the story of a woman who invented the Wonder Mop, but the tone and style read like a crime drama that's thematically preoccupied with the American dream.And then there's the use of the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." If his mimicry were any more evident I might sprain my eyes from rolling them too hard.Moreover, due to the weight gain, Bale herniated two discs and purportedly suffered a permanent height loss of 3 inches. It did have an ending, but it was cut from the film.(During filming, Bale apparently also insisted that he be referred to only by his character name.) (via) 7. During the marketing run-up to American Hustle, every time Amy Adams’ three-year-old daughter would walk by an American Hustle movie poster, she would ask Adams, “Mommy, why are you always showing your boobs? The scene in which Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams’ character kissed was all Amy Adams’ idea, and though there may be character justifications for it, Adams confessed, “Maybe I just wanted to kiss Jennifer. The ending involved the character’s brother sh*tting on the ice. A similar movie based on the Abscam story, Moon Over Miami, was developed in the 1980s, and was set to star Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.It's the sort of scene audiences have watched and loved dozens of times in underdog movies: She faces down QVC's Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper), who tells her that she can't sell the mop herself, that they don't have "regular people" do the selling. "Sorry, these lights — so bright," she finally says. Then a "friendly call" comes in from Joanne in New York.As soon as the caller begins talking, Joy's face registers recognition and comfort: It's her best friend, Jackie (Dascha Polanco), verbally cueing Joy to sell the mop to her, someone she knows and loves."When I mop broken glass, and I wring the mop, I cut my hands," Jackie says, as we see that she's calling from Joy's living room.

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The beleaguered title character, played by Jennifer Lawrence, has stormed into QVC headquarters in Pennsylvania to sell her own damn mop on the air after a salesman couldn't manage to demonstrate it correctly and sold none of them.

Russell is the problem here - as with looks like another attempt to ape Scorsese.

As someone on Twitter pointed out to me: he couldn't make a mob movie, so he made a mop movie.

Russell film - or three), but this isn't really about her.

Her performance in will certainly be great, and she'll certainly earn another Oscar nomination, which is exactly what Russell wants, having hitched his wagon to our most beloved national treasure in the hopes that her Oscar (and generally widespread) favoritism will rub off on him.

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