Who is hailey glassman dating now

While the Skinny Girl mogul did manage to get her castmates to travel far and away from their beloved Upper East Side towers, she wasn’t able to get them to leave their Manhattan issues entirely behind them.

First, Bethenny tried shaking things up by inviting the girls to lunch in the Bronx’s Little Italy.

When Sonja refused to drop the topic, Dorinda unleashed her rage. You fool.” Bethenny then spoke for viewers everywhere when she joked, “I don’t know what [clip] means.

“It’s b******t, so stop with this b******t,” she yelled as Luann D’Agostino tried to shush her. I guess it means shut your f*****g mouth.” Suddenly, Dorinda calmed down and said all she wanted was to be friends with Sonja. “Just because someone lives with you, it doesn’t give you the authority to tell them how to run their life,” the fired up Dorinda continued.

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She also launched her own cosmetics line including tanning lotions, makeup, and other products.But I like a cereal or a protein smoothie for breakfast or a piece of toast with butter or jam. Then my favorite meals are lunch and early dinner, and I have a lot of variations. While some of the reality stars have gone on to become even more famous, others have drifted back into their regular lives.Here are some of the biggest reality stars and where they are now may surprise you!

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